SQLyog is Open Source

This just showed up in my In-box … “SQLyog is now Open-Source!

Rohit Nadhani, the founder of Webyog, was recently interviewed by Jay Pipes at MySQL.com on August 23. Rohit said of the switch to open source:

We have been considering opening the source for the Free edition for quite a while. The decision was taken shortly after the last UC. I had the chance to discuss with MySQL people and a lot of other people there, and everybody was very positive about it. The only stumbling block was that some of the oldest code in our repository really needed a ‘shine up’. So we needed this refactoring exercise before we could open the code. With open source there is the advantage that there is always a pressure on you to keep the code in good shape!

Most (but not all) of the code that goes into the $50 Enterprise Edition will be shared with the open-source version.

This is great news. Not only is it now more likely that this excellent tool for accessing MySQL databases from a desktop client will live long and prosper, but it also significantly increases the chances of a Macintosh version surfacing in the near future. Surely, someone will be able to take the source code and make it work on an Apple.

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