Brotherly Love

Archie has been perturbed by any parental intervention with his plans, whether they include pelting Carter with toys, or climbing up the TV. As a result, the other morning, he decided he wanted to live without interference.

Archie: I want a new house.

Me: You’re really mad. You’d like a different house.

Archie: No, I want this house, but not you, and not Daddy.

Me: So you want to live here, but you want me and Daddy gone. No parents.

Archie: (firm in his resolve) Yes.

Me: Do you want new parents?

Archie: No.

Me: Who will make you lunch and stuff like that?

Archie: Carter will be my grown-up.

Later, I relayed this conversation to Carter, in case they were going to go all Boxcar kids on us. His response?

Carter: Well, Archie, I hope you like cereal and cheese, cause that’s all I know how to make.