Tao of Twitter

Ed Dale talks about Twitter

Ed Dale, a marketer with a training website called The Thirty Day Challenge, published a great mini-talk on the virtues of Twitter from a marketing perspective. Two great observations come out of this:

  1. There are many ways to interact with Twitter—This wasn’t one of Ed’s take-home points, but it is a key to the success of the service. It is not just that different people can post their tweets through different channels, it is also that one individual can leverage different tools. The more points of contact, the more likely a person is to use the service.
  2. Twitter is side-by-side communication—Ed differentiates the communication style of “face to face” (in the martial arts combat context) where defenses of the recipient are up with Twitter being a means of personal referral. There is an embedded nonchalance in the way information is exchanged, lowering the barriers to entry on both ends.

In addition to the video, there is a slideset you can download (PDF). Mike Mindell, though, posted a great summary with the guts of this video (and more) that provides a great overview about Twitter.

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