Closing Open Tabs

The downside to incorporating Google Reader and many, many RSS feeds into my life is that I have developed a habit of keeping too many tabs open in Firefox. I used to have to clear them out or leave my computer on in order to make use of them, prompting me to do some regular file keeping, but with a nifty browser extension that allows me to save my tab state, I don’t even do that with regularity.

Here are some of the links I thought were interesting enough to pop open into a new link but not quite enough to add to my 135-deep draft queue for my blog:

  • Frog design on Identity and Meaning—some links to interesting articles, particularly one on Parenting 2.0
  • Let’s Talk America—this would have been a blog post by now, if the site had been working when I was first tipped to it. It fits very well with my ideas for a politic exchange to create a new dynamic of political conversation.
  • Structured Evidential Argumentation System and use cycles—Mark B (no, the other one) gave me some links to ways to structure discourse and support collaborative analysis
  • Listen search engine—AltSearchEngines looks at musical search
  • Refactor my Code—Paul looks at a very cool communal (exponential pair programming?) site to help debug and improve code by showing it to others
  • BeFunky—a review of a cartoonizer web site
  • Teleworker myths—Web Worker Daily looks at why telecommuting is a business and workflow plus
  • Learning retention myth—Full Circle Online helps challenge some commonly dropped stats.
  • Face-to-Face as urban legend—Virtual Handshake examines the assumption that face-to-face communication is inherently better than the computer-mediated variety
  • Who is viewing your personal brand?—Another WWD article, this one on the importance of being vigilant about who is accessing and using your online identity
  • Top 100 user-centered blogs—Virtual Hosting included our own David Roedl in the mix … and helped add about 35 new blogs to my OPML file.

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