Closing Open Tabs

Two accidental clicks last month cost me a bunch of open tabs, filled with Twine and Twitter goodness I had yet to process. Snackr has only made the information overload worse. Assuming a third accident is on the horizon, here is a peek at what piqued my interest recently.

These are the things that popped up recently, begging for more attention that I cannot give. To allow me to close my browser and move on, I post all the open tabs here:

A bunch of interesting things happened in the Twitosphere:

Social Networks
Some interesting essays

Other Academics

News & Information

Media & Entertainment


There. I feel better.

9 thoughts on “Closing Open Tabs

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  2. The “Old 78s converted to MP3s” is coming back from Yahoo as 508. Was pulled?

    Thanks for list. I frequently have info overly fullness as well.

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