Questions for Jimmy Carter

Kevin sent me a message indicating that Jimmy Carter would be on Talk of the Nation this afternoon. He mentioned I should check with his namesake in our backyard. The boys took a brief break from their secret club activities to submit their queries.

Carter: Did he really live on a peanut farm?

Archie: Or played in a park?

Carter: What is the favorite pet he ever had?

Me: How about you ask something that we couldn’t answer by searching the web.

Carter: Okay- what’s his favorite color?

Archie: Does he have a question for me?

Carter: Does he play Packrat?

Archie: Has he ever met George Washington?

Carter: Is he excited about Spore?

Archie: Does he even play Spore?

Carter: No one plays Spore. It isn’t out yet.

Archie: I meant, does he make creatures on Spore?

Carter: That’s called Spore Creature Creator.

Archie: Does he do that?

Carter: Does he think Obama should be president?

Archie: Has he ever had toys?

Carter: Every kid has toys.

Archie: I mean as an adult. Has he had adult toys?

Me: brief moment during which I am transformed into something from Beavis and Butthead

Archie: Has he ever tried to eat Panda Puffs?

Carter: If he doesn’t think Obama should be president, who does he think should be?

Archie: Has he ever made an oven?

Mmmmm. Not sure if Talk of the Nation is ready for our questions.

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