Can’t. Stop. Playing.

One of the best services on the Internet is the Very Short List, a free daily email highlighting just one interesting thing to which you should pay attention. A couple weeks ago, VSL suggested a game I cannot seem to stop playing.

Famous Objects from Classic Movies shows you an object that appeared in a movie and asks you to play hangman to guess what it is. So, if you see a bowling ball and _ _ _   _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, you might think of The Dude’s favorite sport and the movie that made him famous.

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

The icons are gorgeous (reminding me of another cool website) and the simple game is fun to play. As you type, it will fill in the blanks, giving you three misses before you lose. Most of my failures were with foreign films or ones made in the past decade—since we’ve had kids, our ability to get to the movie theatre is sporadic. The site is also integrated with IMDB and points to trailers for the movies. It’s great fun for a movie buff, and sooooo easy to keep clicking …

VSL was founded in 2006 by Kurt Andersen, Michael Jackson, Tim Nolan, Emily Oberman, and Bonnie Siegler. The idea was born from people being deluged with emails suggesting something to watch or read or do. With the advent of Twitter, information flows much more freely than when they started this project, but it is still amazing to me how many times VSL will point to something new. I followed their Twitter account for a while, but there is something special about getting that info in the email.