Family Schmamily

Meet the Family

Amy Makice

Amy spent most of her childhood in Bloomington, Indiana. A devout Hoosier, she attended DePauw University in Greencastle, where she and Kevin Isbister met. Amy earned an M.S.W. degree in social work from Tulane and is a practicing Family Therapist for Creative Family Resources. Amy and Kevin changed their last name to “Makice” just before Christmas 1999.

Kevin Makice

Kevin spent his childhood in Woodstock, Illinois, but as an adult he made Bloomington, Indiana, his new home. Kevin is currently on the long path to completing a Ph.D. in Informatics at Indiana University. He wrote a book for O’Reilly about the Twitter API, another on digital fluency with SociaLens, and is an occasional contributor to the GeekDad blog.

Carter Makice

The first Makice ever born to this world arrived in 2000 after a lengthy labor (of which he will be reminded for years to come). Carter, named for former U.S. President and ongoing humanitarian Jimmy Carter, grew quickly in his first few months and charmed people with his bright eyes and chubby legs. Currently, he is a voracious reader, a talented artist, and a young inventor.

Archie Makice

Archie arrived in 2003, so named because his parents thought it was cool. Much of his early life was spent pretending to be a monster and chasing older kids. At age two, Archie had already mastered computer mouse control and could change DVDs (much to his parents’ delight and horror). Minecraft and playing with friends are his current passions.

Matilda Makice

Matilda is the newest arrival, coming into the world in 2009. She has delighted the elder Makices to no end, having completely mastered the iPhone at age one. She has evolved through Maisy, Dora and the Little Ponies, with a trajectory that should get her to Buffy as a teen.